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Have you honored you? 👀

Hey there Mama! How’s it going? It’s Mother’s Day weekend and I’m here with the real question! Have you honored you?If so, keep doing it! If not, then when?

Some may say it’s easier said than done. LOL, well that’s true too, but you matter and you’re worth it!

Disclaimer: You are not selfish, don’t let mommy guilt, house guilt, spouse guilt, to-do-list guilt win!

I finally decided to take myself up on the offer a few months ago. You remember the last blog, right? I picked up my camera (Photography is my peace of mind!) Here’s what came next:

6 things I’ve done to honor myself lately:

(6 because this month marks 6 years of me being in the mommy club!):


I treated myself to a Matcha and devo date. (Matcha is my new found love!) Well, not love at first sight, because my sister has been trying to get me to try it for years. I finally did and guess what?!…lol it’s definitely my thing now!

I had the day off preparing for a weekend with the fam. Jeremy had his own thing going, I’d dropped Jeremiah off at school and I was fully dressed, my bogg bag with my essentials (my Bible, iPad, devotional book) was already in the car. And to the coffee shop I went!

💡Mama tip: Switch up the vibe. You might enjoy it.


I finally called my therapist. So, life hit hard…Last Fall, I had a miscarriage and my best friend died. If you know anything about my pregnancy journey/birth story with Jeremiah, you know that it took a lot to even consider to try again. A LOT. At out first prenatal appointment, the doctor told us there was no heart beat. Crushed. Hurt. Disappointed. Confused.

You’re probably saying girl, why didn’t you call your therapist ?! That strong girl spirit got a hold of me and I thought I could handle it.

Question: You ever had that strong girl spirit? (Little Miss I Can Handle it, Little Miss I Ain’t asking for help, Little Miss I don’t need…) 👀

Then, a month later I received a call that my best friend died. Devastated. Hurt. Sad. Confused. So many feelings. I was like, “this has to be a really bad dream.”

It took me 6 months. 6 months, to make that phone call! Grateful for the consistent nudge of the Father.

Question: What’s your consistent nudge from God?

💡Mama tip: Call your therapist if you need to!


I started exercising and I’m liking it a little bit. Now this one is taking some getting used to, but I’m doing it. Both of my guys are all tied up in the world of karate and normally I’m in the bleachers watching and cheering them on. Now, I like spending time with my guys…I love it to be exact, but…

What are you doing for you,Whitney? ____________ (replace my name with yours if you can relate). Your girl is out here spinning/cycling and liking it! 😉


I got a mani & pedi! On 2 different days, but who’s counting! The win is, I did it!

The day I received the call that my friend died, I was getting my nails done. Yes, I was at my 3 week nail appointment when I received the call. Since then, I’ve only been back to that nail tech/salon once and that was because I had to speak at her funeral and because I wanted to personally thank the nail tech that consoled me during that unforeseen moment. (Hard swallow while typing). So, my mani/pedi time has been far and in between, but I’m slowly stepping back out again. Grief is tough.


I made an investment. I pulled away to attend a women’s conference. Permission Conference 2024 that is!

The theme of the conference was: FELL IN LOVE, and oh, did I fall!

I had the opportunity to host guests during the conference. While hosting

and mingling with the guests, I asked them to sum up their experience in one word.

Our Pastor often asks us this on different occasions.

Lifted! That’s my word.

Lifted to let God catch me at the bottom of grief. Lifted to push from (immaculate conception) iykyk. Lifted to hang in there. Lifted to fall in his love through the test. Father, thank you for lifting me! Thank you.

Mama, do you attend conferences? They can be life changing! Matter of fact, come with me to the next one! 😉


I purchased a new bible! I’ve been looking at this particular bible for a while now. During the conference, I noticed a friend had one. I asked her how was she liking it and I mentioned that I’d been considering it for a while. I usually type notes in my notes app on my phone (that can be distracting at times), the writing in the journal method wasn’t working (I needed something new). My new bible allows me to write notes as I read, I’m excited for it!

I shared my purchase on social media and a good friend ordered her one too! SN: Share.

💡Mama tip: Sometimes you’ll have to change up your methods, and guess what? It’s okay.

Well, those are my 6 things! What’s yours? We can chat in the comments or you can send me a message. If you haven’t yet, then prayerfully after reading this, you’ll put some things in action. Or you can simply start small, start with one thing. I pray this stirred something inside for you. Honor yourself girl, because you matter and you gotta take care of you.

P.S. I made something for you! Yep! A cute frame for a selfie or photo op! Let’s celebrate together!

  1. Download it.

  2. Add your photo.

  3. Save it.

  4. Share it and don’t forget to tag me! IG & FB:@essentiallywhit

  5. Invite another Mama to join the tribe!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Love ya Mama!

With Pace & Grace,


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