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Happy New Year, Tribe! 🎉

Updated: Jan 19

Hey there Mama! We made it to 2024! #praisebreak 🙌🏾

New year, new goals, new mindset, new vision, new feelings, new language, new vibes, new _________ (fill in the blank).

How are you going to maintain all this NEWness? 👀 Well you know my vibes, with PACE & GRACE 😉 but no worries if you’re still figuring it out! Remember, one day at a time.

I’m sharing my top 10 essentials for the New Year! Keep scrolling up!

Now, let’s dive in!

Disclaimer: This blog is not sponsored, all items personally purchased.

My bible! Do you have a bible Mama? If not, you can purchase a bible at any local store such as Walmart, Kroger or online at my personal fav…Amazon. Someone gifted me the Bible tabs, but they can be found on Amazon too. Don’t go into this year without it!

Kingdom Talk Tash is the real deal. She definitely sat with the Father to birth this one. Did you notice it says, “Vol. 1”? That means there’s more to come. Kingdom Talk Tash is a teacher and is a firm believer, anointed and called by God. Click above to grab your copy!

I started this devotional last year and it has truly been tranformational. If and only if you’re believing God for bigger, grab yours tuh-day! This author has surely challenged and pushed me in this season.

Mamas! Have you ever utilized a Wellness Planner?! 👀 Well, before now I sure hadn’t! This planner was created for any woman who always puts herself last. News flash, not anymore and definitely not in 2024. Grab it!

Journaling with Faithfirmations is a jewel! It’s something that every woman needs. This journal allows you to be expressive and it continually reminds you of what the Father says about you. A gift to the world. Go get it. 😉

Dr. Jackie, my pastor and mentor pulled up through the pages of this book to wave the Freedom banner to the nations. If you ever felt stuck, unseen/unheard and moving on auto pilot, add this into your reading rotation!

Notes with Abba, did a thing! This journal is perfect for brain dumping and was intentionally created for writing down instructions from the Lord. Grab one while available. Get that stuff out your head Mama! Get the journal and start writing.

This will be my second year utilizing the Balanced Woman Planner. The BWP helps me stay organized and holds me accountable. Ain’t nothing better than an organized Mama! Stay the course Mama, get the planner, set the goal, then execute!

I was on a Dollar tree store run when I stumbled across these. It was like winning the Jackpot! They are the perfect touch to add to your work desk, you can keep them in your car or even add them to your prayer board.

It’s that time again! It’s time to create that vision/prayer board! If you’re a visual person, you’d definitely benefit from seeing your goals and prayers. Then adding post-it’s with notes and scriptures, help keep you consistent and keeps you from throwing the board in the closet. Be creative, be bold and intentional!

💡Mama Tip: Don’t be afraid to go back and get the vision board out from last year. Add those goals again if they’re a God promise. 😉

Mama, I hope this helps. Click the pictures to grab anything I mentioned. Stay true to you Mama. Congratulations on all that newness! Praying for you girl!

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Thanks Mama!

With Pace & Grace,


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