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God will see “it” through

Hey there mama! It’s your mama friend, Whit!

Girl, I know you’re trying to get that house together, pack up Christmas stuff, make room for new things, and probably cooking that BIG New Year’s feast. Go on with your bad self.  (Insert our high five moment)

As we embark on a New Year, I want to share one of my testimonies with you. Y’all know the vibe! :) We share our testimonies to help another mama!

Let’s jump in…

So around October 2021, 2 things happened:

    1.    I turned down my dream job.

    2.    I applied for the job I have now.

If you have a sec, keep reading…

Becoming a labor and delivery nurse was my thang! I knew that’s where God wanted me… well at least that’s what I thought. The Summer of 2021, I passed my state board exam.  I remember so vividly, coming home excited to for my sister to help me with my resume.

I immediately began applying for labor and delivery positions, but none were sticking. They wanted nurses with prior L & D experience.

Then, finally I got a call back for an interview. The interview went great! A week later, I was informed that I got the position. They emailed me the offer, I signed it and just like that my L & D dream was coming to fruition!

…but here’s what I left out of this perfect story:

I was currently working in a hospital during the peek of COVID and it was kicking my butt! My schedule was hectic, I was barely spending time with J & J. I was physically and mentally drained. Now, I was still set to start my dream job amongst it all. I told myself, I’d stick it out until then. Well, guess what? I couldn’t stick it out. I resigned from my hospital job. (Weight lifted, but there was still a lot to consider.)

Oh, did I mention, during all of this, I applied for the job I currently have? Well, yes. I did it without anyone knowing. I had an ‘inkling’ that I needed to apply. I didn’t know much about the role, but I  felt an urge to get the application in.

Okay, back to resigning and waiting to start my dream job. I was so excited for this NEW thing I was about to embrace. But…after receiving a mandatory schedule with all the training days, discouragement started to linger. The thoughts got louder and louder.

“How I am I going to do this?’’

“I have a medically complex 4 year old at home.”

“I’ll let Jeremy figure it out.”

“No wait, this really might not work.”

Another thing I forgot to mention, my commute would’ve been an hour and 30 mins… ONE WAY. 3 hours of driving time PLUS a 12 hour shift. Whew.

How, when and where?! And there it was…the dreadful thought,

“I can’t take this job.”

Mama! I struggled with this thing for a good minute. Before I even shared any of the thoughts with J, I wanted this and I was willing to neglect myself and my family to have it.

💡Mama tip: Nothing Mama, I mean nothing is worth neglecting yourself, your significant other and your babies! Nothing!

So now it was time for me to share my thoughts with J. Y’all, I really was trying to avoid the “I knew it wasn’t going to work spell.” (That devil tried to psych me out!)

But guess what, J said, “Whit, I know you’ve wanted this for a long time and if you want to we’ll just have to figure it out.”

Pause: What!!! Don’t miss the response! This👏🏽 man👏🏽don’t👏🏽 play👏🏽 about👏🏽 me! He said, “Whit, I know you’ve wanted this for a long time and if you want to we’ll just have to figure it out.” Whew!!!

I couldn’t take this position. I couldn’t do my crew like that. So, I withdrew the offer and let HR know that I couldn’t accept the position.

Here we go again. What’s that saying the saints say?  “When one day closes another door will open.” Well, the saints weren’t lying! The next day, a door sure did open!

I met a nurse that next day. She told me about an opportunity and asked if this particular role was something I’d be interested in and I was like “of course!” It was a no summers, 8 to 5 type of job, and the commute was gravy baby! It was definitely what I needed.

Application process was seamless, and the  interview happened quickly, However, I showed up to the interview and I instantly knew they wouldn’t hire me.

The interview started like, “we are looking for someone” to “we’re not rushing to fill the position.” My thoughts were, “God what is this? And how did I get here! Hello!?”

So many thoughts, emotions, energy consumed, I mean all the things!

💡Mama tip: Just because the door opens, it doesn’t mean its for you.

Weeks went by and I was still trying to recover. It was time to get back on the computer and start looking for jobs again. Job searching can be a lot. I applied for a few roles including another hospital. I knew I had to find something. Then I got an email. Come on God!

It was for my current job role. 😉

December 20, 2021, interview went well. It was a panel, so I was nervous, but hopeful.

December 25, 2021, my grandmother transitioned to heaven (Out of 4 grandparents, she was the last one to transition). We had her home going service on December 31, 2021(A year ago, today).

Then, we caught COVID. (What a week, right?)

At this point, Lord I need a W! BIG TIME!

January 4, 2022, I received a call that I got the position! God didn’t just favor me then, but he

has continually favored me through. I couldn’t have asked for what he has entrusted me to be a part of. Only God, only God.

Mama this is what happens when you surrender your will, for HIS will.

Mama, sorry for being long winded on this, but I had to get it out. Be encouraged Mama.

2023 here we come, but before we do…

I have a charge for you.

Picture: Me headed to my job January 2022!

Do the exchange mama, pray the prayer:

“saying, “Father, if it is Your will, take this cup away from Me; nevertheless not My will, but Yours, be done.””

Luke 22:42 NKJV

You got this Mama and remember, God will see “it” through…

Happy New Year 🎊!

With Pace & Grace,


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Shanika Grant
Shanika Grant
Jan 01, 2023

Whew!! Such a great read!! Powerful and filled with so much encouragement, loved reading every bit of this!

Whitney Storey
Whitney Storey
Feb 23, 2023
Replying to

Thanks for reading! ❤️

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