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February, recap!

Hey there Mama! Grateful for an extra day in February to connect before March!🙌🏾

How are things going? 

Reflection Prompt:

What went well this month? What didn’t go so well this month? What can you do differently moving forward? 


Take a pause and answer. Consider this your space for reflection. 

Don’t scroll past this. Take your moment and reflect.


How are things going for me you asked? 👀

Let’s just say FULL!

The beginning of this month, I went out! Lol no, not that kinda out, more like a weekend getaway, girl trip vibe out ;). Mom guilt is real and it tried me, but I was quickly reminded that pulling away is just as important as being present. 

Question: When was the last time you pulled away?🤔

Mama tip 💡: Make sure you take some time to pull away .


Fast forward to a week after the girls weekend getaway and…let’s just say I’m glad I pulled away! 

I had to do an emergency trach change while picking up my son from school! I was at the school early to check Jeremiah out for a doctor’s appointment. He started to fight a mucus plug (meaning he couldn’t clear his airway). When I noticed that he could clear it, I immediately changed the trach and he was instantly relieved! 🙌🏾 Yep, right in the front office of his elementary school.

Talking about a rollercoaster... and we still made it to the scheduled doctor's appointment!

So, after days of consistently getting mucus plugs and finally admitting that my husband and sister were right - Jeremiah needed a trach upsize. It finally hit me, my sweet boy is growing bigger and he needed a larger trach to keep up with his growing body.

Finally accepting that Jeremiah is growing up really made me feel some type of way! Although I’m so proud, blessed and excited to have a front row seat to him growing up, I also noticed a feeling of uneasiness about him changing and growing into the young man that God is molding him to be.

He’s not longer that 4 lb 4 oz., little stank connected to a ventilator in a NICU bed. I remember praying that God would mature his lungs so he’d come off of the ventilator before we discharged home from the hospital. Guess what? God did just that. 

He’s no longer the wobbly, walking 18 month old pushing his baby gate open.

He’s no longer wearing diapers or sitting on the toilet to potty, he’s a big ole boy, using the big boy bathroom stalls now.

He’s no longer in a 3 year old pressing to starting preschool.

BUT my boy is an almost 50 lb, running/jumping, kindergarten going, Daniel the Tiger pjs wearing, huggable, lovable, mama's stank butt thriving miracle boy!

He’s moving into bigboy-ship and I have to learn how to be okay with it.

The trach changes and the mucus plugs were a big challenge the entire month. From changing the trach almost every 2 days, to waiting on a larger trach to be ordered from the medical equipment supplier, then waiting on an appointment with his ENT doctor to actually get the new trach changed..seemed like forever.

Today marks one week since the new trach was placed and guess what? He’s still adjusting and we are too. The bigger trach requires more space, so his tracheostomy is stretching to accommodate the new size of the trach.

3 things this trach up size has taught me:

    1.    You have to acknowledge it’s time for something bigger.

2. Growth is apart of the process and it can be uncomfortable. 

    3.    After acknowledging, and allowing the process to happen, understand that if you don’t acknowledge and start to process, you could be the thing blocking the next thing… (move yourself out the way!)

I popped in a few times during school to love on my sweet boy. Check out our playground selfie.

Just like….wow. God shows up in any and everything! Wow! That's all I got! 🤷🏾‍♀️

If you're rocking with me then, keep reading.


In the midst of all things "mama and stank" and family, I was invited on Instagram live to share my journey about Overcoming Fear & Insecurity with ThEE Shanika G!

Mama tip💡: Tell your story Mama, because someone else needs it.

”Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.“

Hebrews 10:23 NKJV


Would you agree that February has been full? 

Well, let me give you something sweet to balance this all out! 😉

Despite the roller coaster of February, we still had some mother & son fun! I need you to head over to YouTube now to watch our 4 week series of The ABCs of Black History!

When you get there:

✔️hit the subscribe button and the hit 🔔 

✔️like 👍

✔️chat with us in the comments 📲

Thanks in advance for your support! 💙

Well that’s all for now Mama, February has been a month! Until next time…

Mama tip💡: Move yourself out the way. 

With Pace & Grace,


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