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Changing of Seasons

Jeremy and I recently enjoyed a weekend getaway to one of our favorite winery's. As we approached the estate, I asked Jeremy to slow down while turning in because I wanted to have my camera ready for the entrance.

Jeremy slowly turned in, I had my camera in hand, and we instantly noticed the absence of greenery on the vines. It took us by surprise for a second until we realized… we’d never visited the winery in the Winter, only during the Summer.

In that moment, I was reminded of the changing of seasons. As those vines revealed the process of a changing season, I think you and I may agree that we too, also change in seasons.

We change for different reasons or purposes like: being a student to being a teacher, single to dating, dating to marriage, from being a child to having our own children.

We change from being a sista - friend to needing a sista - friend. We change from being the giver to being the receiver. We change and grow spiritually, knowing that the more time you spend in God’s word, the more susceptible you’ll become to hearing from him.

Some of those changes we like to share and some of them not so much, but I think you get the point Mama. We are always changing.

So, the next morning came and we were headed out to enjoy a day of amenities. I got on the shuttle, and immediately found a window seat so I could further engage with these bare less vines. As we drove down the rode, the vines captivated my attention more and more. This then drifted me into the idea of the vines ‘posture’ during the changing of season. It was how the vines stood tall, not bent over or shriveled to death because they were bare.

In a season of no visible bloom, surviving a long winter of rain and maybe even snow. The vines posture was to still stand! They were not uprooted or lying down, but standing gracefully. Let’s make it plain, these vines were “unbothered”!

It then led me to ask myself, Whitney, how do you stand in a season of change or un-comfortability?

🤔 (Grab your journal Mama, let’s write about it!)

Now, you know your girl went and found us a scripture! 🙌🏾 Keep reading!

“That is why we are not afraid to continue our work. Yes, our bodies are getting older and weaker. But our spirits are becoming stronger every day! We have these little troubles that continue for a short time. But as a result, we will receive the great things that God has prepared for us. Those great things are much more important than our little troubles. And God's great things will continue for ever! So we do not look at the things that we can see in this world. Instead, we look at the things that people cannot see. The things that we can see are only here for a short time. But the things that we cannot see will continue for ever.”

2 Corinthians 4:16-18 EASY


So, where did y’all go SIS?!

Oh, glad you asked!

We went to the Chateau Elan in Braselton, Georgia. We stayed on the resort at the hotel: The Inn. I didn’t get a picture of our room, but here is the hotel and a pic of J and I posing with a lil hotel aesthetics.

*Be sure to scroll through each slide show, so you can see all of the pictures :)

Our first night, we lounged around and got settled into our room, then went to dinner at Louis’ House of Bourbon. The ambience was a laid back kinda vibe, intimate but also flirty. Jeremy and I both enjoyed the Grass-Fed CE Burger with steak fries along with an adult beverage. It was delicious! 😋

Check out our after dinner video to my sister and Jeremiah!😆

Sunday was a full day! We enjoyed a full breakfast buffet at Versalles which is inside the hotel and they had our fav! AN OMELETTE station! 🙌🏾 After breakfast we headed to the SPA, where we enjoyed a complementary mimosa, couples massage, hot tub, and my personal two favorites: the indoor pool and quiet room (I was able to journal in both of these spaces). We were past due for some much needed relaxation and the spa gave what it was supposed to give!

Next up, a NAP 😴!

I’m glad we were able to rest after our morning and midday activities, because our evening/night cap was amazing! We enjoyed a evening of wine and dinner pairing, while listening to a live jazz band. It was called the Chef and Winemaker Dinner. Each meal section was paired with a different signature wine, made by the winemaker himself.

It’s was the perfect weekend getaway! I hope you enjoyed the blog!😉

💡Mama Tip: Get a babysitter, grab your boo, pack your bags and getaway for the weekend, and don’t forget to reflect on your Changing Season!

Catch you later Mama!✌🏾

With Pace & Grace,


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Crystal Beard
Crystal Beard
Apr 10, 2023

A WORD! Staying rooted in uncomfortable seasons! DD spoke today about being buoyant or having the will-power to bounce back in trying times. Jesus did it, so we could have an example! This was a wonderful post and I enjoyed seeing pictures and video of your trip to Chateau! JB and I are planning to visit soon!💕


Shanika Grant
Shanika Grant
Mar 31, 2023

This was a good reminder! As the season change, we must stay rooted to our Creator who makes all things well! And this spot looks amazing, thanks for sharing! May have to make some plans to visit!

Whitney Storey
Whitney Storey
Mar 31, 2023
Replying to

Thanks for reading! So good, “stay rooted” that’s it!

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