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All Treats, No Trick!

Hey there Mama!

I wanted to swing by and chat since Halloween festivities are amongst us! Lucky me, I didn’t have to buy a new costume!

Jeremy and I took Jeremiah to the store and he signed “no” to every costume he saw. Mama! He didn’t even want to walk in the stores. He wanted his daddy to carry him and guess what? Jeremy carried him! After the second costume store, I told Jeremy, let’s go home! He can still wear his dinosaur 🦖 costume!

So, here’s a few mama tips I’m learning along the way:

  • If your kiddo can wear their costume from last year, let them if they want to! (save the money)

  • Include more than just candy for the trick-or-treaters. Keep in mind everyone doesn’t eat candy.

  • Educate your kid’s teacher and other parents on what your child can and can’t have - including allergies.

  • If you don’t want to trick-or-treat: pumpkin carving, painting, roasting marshmallows, and sack racing are all fun activities!

But guess what?!

I found something really cool for my Stank and I, and I just had to share:

Communication bracelets from @aacforall on Instagram.

It gives our nonverbal babies a way to communicate during the Halloween fun!

I hope you found this blog helpful. If so, invite another mama to join our tribe!

Have some FALL FUN!🎃

💡Mama tip: Treat yourself to a piece of chocolate. You deserve it!

With Pace & Grace, Whit

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1 Comment

Crystal Beard
Crystal Beard
Nov 23, 2022

Love the trick or treat bracelet! How thoughtful and inclusive!🙌🏽

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