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a work in progress...

Almost two Thursdays ago, I celebrated another year of life! 🎉 (God is good!)

My morning started with a couple of birthday calls from family and friends. After chatting with them, I began to remember Jeremy and Jeremiah singing to me and loving on me while I was trying to sleep the night before - they had to be first! It's the cutest little joke my family gets a kick out of.

So, in between calls, I got straight into mommy mode. I was busy at work in the kitchen making my Stank's breakfast. (He normally has oatmeal and fruit for breakfast.)

The morning began to grow later and it was getting close to my morning appointment. I booked myself a facial and I wasn't going to be late for NOBODY! I showered and got dressed, I told Jeremy I was leaving and vroooooom 💨 I was out! On the drive to my appointment, I listened to one of my daily bible plan devotionals SN: Download the bible app! (There are thousands of daily bible plan devotionals that will meet you right where you are. There is a plan for every situation and season. Trust me.)

The title of the Day 6 bible plan devotional was: "You're a Work in Progress!"

The title did it for me, because it was so fitting. As I was driving and listening, I noticed at each traffic light, I was met with a yellow light which led me to stop every time. I almost became frustrated, but I was quickly guided by the holy spirit to yield and be present at every yellow light moment


At every yellow light there was an exchange.

At every yellow light I was able to meet with the Father and receive a new gift.

I was able to surrender my own will for God’s will and I received the gift of peace and patience.

So beautiful, right?! I was quickly reminded that God is the creator of time and that he is the only one in control even when it comes to the traffic light of stopping, slowing down, and moving forward! 🚦

Be encouraged Mama!

Mama Tip: Don’t run the yellow light.

Mamas let’s be bible study friends! Here’s the Bible plan that I have been reading below. I hope you dive in. I would love to chat in the comments about what stood out to you the most!

Join me in reading Becoming A Well-Watered Woman In A Parched World:

With Pace & Grace,


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Crystal Beard
Crystal Beard
Nov 23, 2022

Dropping Gems! Thanks for reminding me to start a bible plan. 😉


Shanika Grant
Shanika Grant
Aug 10, 2022

As always, you come with the 🔥🔥🔥 So good!

Whitney Storey
Whitney Storey
Oct 29, 2022
Replying to

Thank you for rocking with me! 🫶🏾

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