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My husband and I conceived around October 2017. On a Monday night, in our bathroom, we found out that we were pregnant. We were both in shock. I mean we both wanted children, but now Lord?


Jeremy's shock quickly turned into excitement, but my shock? Well, let's just say it took me a little time to adjust. It was new. I mean new, new. I started recalling ALL of the things I wanted to do before we started to grow our family, and I just wasn't ready


Side note: God's timing is not our timing, and that's a whole situation by itself.  So, my last sentence about being 'ready'? Whew! LOL, okay I'll move on.


Time progressed, doctor visits started to happen, my little belly started to poke a little and the dark stomach line began to appear. ME: This is really happening! So by now, Im rolling with it! We are about to have a BABY!


To our surprise it wasn't just a BABY, but a BABY with some extra stuff! Like a baby being diagnosed with 4 diagnoses and so much more. We were told: he might not be viable. Mama was diagnosed with polyhydramnios. There were weekly sonograms, an MRI scan, maternal fetal specialist appointments, and we had to schedule an appointment to visit the NICU. We met with pediatric surgeons, neurologists and  began to look at a machine that would have to keep him alive for only God knows how long!

Sis, it was only by faith that we didn't give up.


Every thing about this experience was DIFFERENT!


So, here we are with "The DIFFERENT Mama blog"! Yeah, Sis! It was time for me to start writing.


Around here there will be a whole lot of inspiring, uplifting and encouraging. 


In the mean time in between time,


Pace yourself, Grace yourself,

Essentially Whit

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